AL.Berlin thrilled to present: The Witches Tales.


The winter is here, and the wind is blowing. 

Bringing ideas and sounds from far away 

Calling for healing and spirits from hell


Against corona and old myths, the witches are here to hunt. To sing and dance, to curse patriarchy  oppression, and binaries. They will celebrate laziness and hard work, personal stories, resistance, a memory of our home, and the diversity of our lived experience.


Every Tuesday night during December In a series of four live musical acts Hosted by the brilliant harridan Dr. Samaher!!!


The artists will be playing live in your living room, with Music and incanted sounds from various regions for healing in times of Pandemic and Exile.


1.12 Petra Nachtmanova 

8.12 Rasha Nahas

15.12 Djinn Power (Jamila Al-Yousef and Carina Sperk) 

22.12 Zazuka 


The streaming will be open freely Of Course! ; but ticket money will serve as a crucial support to help us pay the rent and get relief in  this hard time of Covid-19. This way you make sure we are still there for you While in lockdown, even if only online, and surely will be waiting to host you live and survive after we pass this crazy test strengthened together! Bulbul is about the meeting point with the community and it doesn’t exist without YOU! 


Please get your support us ticket on the following link:

Funded by: Music Board


Artists bio:


Dr. Samaher 

PHD in tarot .Famous for her Xanax and wine readings, Dr. Samaher will be LIVE,, love, die, live… She will show you her white hair and the trop tards tartar of a life we are having. Only with DR SAMAHER!  All the tarots are sponsored by Boutique Ibtisam for swarowski and nouveaute ( sonnenalle 100067 )


Petra Nachtmanova 

was born in Vienna to a Polish mother and a Czech father. Since her early childhood she has been exposed to different cultures and styles of music, always searching for the connecting elements between them. Her musical paths have led her from being a young Oboe player in the capital of Classical Music through singing Renaissance and Baroque music in England, participating in the local Chinese Pop Idol in Ningbo, Bulgarian Polyphonic choirs, getting involved with Anatolian Bağlama Music as far as getting a taste of the Persian Radif Tradition.

As a singer and as a researcher of folk music and poetry Petra focuses on Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East.  Living in Berlin since 2008 she has sung with the Bulgarian Folk Ensembles Bulgarian Voices Berlin and Peperuda, and she has been a founding member of the Berliner bands Tralalka and OKO playing traditional Eastern European songs in new arrangements. Her work on Anatolian Music and the Bağlama has been developing since 2010. Since then she has represented Austria in the International TRT Türkcevizyon Festival 2014 in Denizli, performed on ITV Public Television in Azerbaijan, the Turkish Radio Metropol FM, Kanal Avrupa, YolTV, Deutsche Welle, SWR2 MusikGlobal and played hundreds of concerts in the Anatolian Communities in Germany, France, Belgium and in Turkey. She worked together with the film director Stephan Talneau on the Arte documentary film project about the Bağlama and related instruments, SAZFilm (Released 2019).


Rasha Nahas

Palestinian singer-songwriter and instrumentalist Rasha Nahas was born and raised in Haifa, and currently lives and works in Berlin. 

A classical guitarist since the age of 10, Rasha has long been crafting a sound that moves seamlessly between the resonances of early rock ‘n’ roll and the reckless echoes of free jazz, complemented by her distinctive approach to songwriting and performance. 

The unmistakable sonic landscapes and unique artistic identity that she has constructed were shaped in no small part by the underground scene of her hometown, Haifa; giving rise to a vivid mélange of electric guitars, classical technique, and fierce yet intimate storytelling weaved with bold, unabashed poetry and howling violins. 

Rasha’s ‘Am I’ (2016) EP and captivating live performances saw her embark on tours across Europe, South America, the UK and the Middle East, including shows at Glastonbury Festival, SIM São Paulo, Midem, Sziget, Palestine Music Expo, and many other festivals and venues around the world. 

She has also performed and composed music for theater and performance art. Since relocating to Germany, she has worked on numerous dance and theater pieces for prestigious venues such as Tanz im August (Berlin) and Thalia Theater (Hamburg). 

Her debut full-length album, which she co-produced and recorded with her band, is due for release in early 2021. 

“Nahas has the theatricality of Weimar cabaret with added violins and rockabilly.” 

The Guardian 

“This young performer displays vast musical knowledge, evident in her song writing, whilst being evocative in her emotional delivery and dynamic stage presence.” 

Reform The Funk


Djinn Power (Jamila Al-Yousef and Carina Sperk) 

Djinn Power is a music project based on friendship, strings, and two voices colliding, harmonizing and giving power to each other. Words fly through a Universe of English, Arabic and Brazilian lyrics, but the understanding of language is surely not the only way to get the message. Djinn Power borrows the mystic wisdom of genies to give birth to musical waves of an ocean you find thrown across a blue blanket. Velvet Warmth and deep gratitude for togetherness and the healing of sound.

Djinn Power are Carina Sperk and Jamila Al-Yousef started their music duo during the lockdown performing the music theatre performance „Grandmothers of the Universe“ at Asphalt Festival Düsseldorf.

Carina is an East German contryside girl that accidently did her masters in psychology, nowadays working as a theatre performer and singer with the band “Frollein Smilla” and the feminist theatre collective “deinemudda”.

Jamila Al-Yousef was born on the day the Berlin wall came down and identifies as Double East, with her family roots in the GDR and the Middle East. Inspired by her Palestinian father who came to Germany as a refugee, she early started creating transcultural projects to share diverse perspectives on the Middle East, North Africa and postmigrant topics. Amonst other things she established the yearly “Arab* Underground” program at Fusion Festival. She currently works as an anti-racism trainer in the cultural field. This year Jamila published her Debut Album “Sit el Kon. The Grandmother of the Universe” on SPRNGSTOFF label with her band “Jamila & The Other Heroes”, touring in Europe and the Middle East in the past three years.


Jordanian-born artist Zazuka is a composer and songwriter of intercultural music. In 2016, she moved to Berlin and started her solo project with international collaborators, forging a distinct sound to accompany her lyrics- often written in a dream-state.

Her work showcases an impressionistic yet immediate harmonic language. She is nominated for the Peer Raben Music Award for film music in 2020.