\\About /AL\ Berlin\\

\\ About /AL\Berlin \\

/AL\Berlin is a “rendez vous” in Berlin to promote points of meeting devoted to Contemporary Music and The Arts.

/AL\Berlin (al Berlin) aims, mainly, to connect people through Art, Music and various Knowledge Productions with the Contemporary Moment of West Asia and North Africa (WANA). Whether, this moment, is coming from the geographic region itself or from its various diasporas. We embark from this point of departure toward our exploration journey in the wider globe.

/AL\Berlin has been active as a collective since February 2019. During 2019 it produced more than 10 music and art events, providing stage for more than 28 acts, hosting more than 1800 attendees. The AL.Festival.2019, produced by /AL\Berlin, was funded by Music Board Berlin, and it was a remarkable gathering around representative music of the Arab Spring Revolutions. 
During 2020 through Bulbul Berlin Cultural Space, notwithstanding the many canceled initiatives we had because of the world pandemic, we were part of The United We Stream platform for club music live streaming to save the Berlin Club Culture, part of selected number of clubs chosen to represent the Berlin Club Commission and the Berlin Ministry of Culture on the Day of Club Culture, and recently, in December 2020, we produced a series of Live Streaming titled “The Witches Tales” supported by Music Board Berlin.

We see /AL\Berlin as a Family Collective. As we understand that “work” is not a separate sphere from “house” and “career” is not a separate path from “family” and “community”. Our ideas and practices originate from our nuclear families as much as it does with its community interactions. The collective would like to develop practices that do not overlook the hidden labor of partners at home, the caring hours of support and nursing invested with love in partners or kids, which usually goes unseen in the classical forms of self definitions and business forms.

Since February 2020, /AL\Berlin has also had a physical residence in the {Bulbul Berlin} Skalitzer Str. 114, 10999, Kreuzburg, Berlin, as the collective took the decision to rent the backyard building in that address in order to join “Bulbul Berlin”, which was already active for a few months as a mini-club in the store front of the building following suit of the Legendary Berliner Mini-Club, the FarbFernSeher (Colored TV). In this move /AL\Berlin took partnership in Bulbul Berlin to become its cultural curators and helped to enlarge the premises into a humble, yet quite influential, Cultural Space. Now the “Bulbul Berlin” consists of a Mini-NightClub StoreFront, Little Garden, and a Remise Building (Backyard Building in German). The Remise in itself consists of a Cafe/Bar Floor and a Studio Floor for Workshops, Meetings, Screenings, Public and Artist Talks and Lectures. The Studio Floor, despite the relatively short time since opening, has already hosted many remarkable activities as workshops for Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Berlin office, Bard College Berlin students workshop, Europe in The Middle East – Middle East in Europe (Forum of Transregional High Studies Berlin) winter seminar, not overlooking our Arabic Language Activities for Kids, or our weekly Yoga Classes, in addition to music workshops and community social and political meetings. The Cafe/Bar Floor is not a mere food consumption kantine, but rather a vivid cultural meeting point where curated DJs fill the musical program weekly, and despite the short time since opening it has already hosted its first Photography Exhibition. We are quite humbled we managed to curate all of these cultural activities in an extremely restrictive year of world pandemic. Worth mentioning that the closed NightClub, due to the Counter COVID-19 Regulations, not only has become a hub for music and sound artists to perform their streamings during the pandemic closures, but moreover we turned its store-front into a “Video Art” Installation Window facing the busy Skalitzer street, that will curate a different Video Art each month.