BU Nasser touffar

Hello Psychaleppo

Sorah & Spoke


29 June 2024

BI-NUU ( U-Bahnhof Schlesisches Tor, 10997 Berlin)

AL.Berlin kicks off the summer season with an extraordinary musical experience in a rare and exclusive event. While big festivals are yet to start (#boycottfusion :), we invite you to an unforgettable night featuring the unique talents of Bu Nasser Touffar and HelloPsychaleppo live on stage. Supporting acts include local talents SORAH&SPOKE and our beloved V1V1S3KT1ON.

Tickets: Online 28€ + 2€ online fee, Doors 35€


Bu Nasser Touffar, a Lebanese writer and rapper who raises his voice to break the silence of a marginalized society, that the state has persisted in impoverishing and silencing it. His songs and writings were used as anthems in the Lebanese popular demonstrations and protests. Bu Nasser’s project began in 2009 with the release of Touffar’s album “The Companions of the Land ”, followed by several solo and Collaborations with others who share the hope, questions, revolution, and musical passion of local and international rap performers and music producers. He performed dozens of successful live shows in various Lebanese regions, and several sold-out concerts in Turkey and Europe, before returning to Beirut on April 2023 for his first concert there in 5 years in one of the biggest rap concerts in the Lebanese local scene, It was the beginning of a series of successful concerts in Lebanon and abroad. In addition to his musical work, Bu Nasser has independently published two Novels “Al-Harayek” in 2016, and “Al Qushnood” in 2018. The two books achieved real success and found a place for them in many international exhibitions.

The Arab bass dropper

Hello Psychaleppo is a trail blazing electronic music producer from Aleppo, a city renowned for its rich musical heritage. Samer Saem Eldahr, the master mind behind Hello Psychaleppo , blends traditional Arabic music with EDM to create a captivating sound that draws in listeners and takes them on a journey of musical exploration. Hello Psychaleppo’s first album, “GoolLʼah,” released in 2013, set the standard for the emerging genre of electro-tarab, combining traditional Arabic music theory and rhythms with cutting-edge electronic sounds to create a harmonious fusion. As VICE Magazine noted, “It’s a pastiche of twitchy electronic sounds and golden age Arab pop music of the 1950s and 60s, alternately danceable and cathartic, melancholic and apocalyptic. “Since the release of” GoolLʼah, “Hello Psychaleppo has continued to evolve, releasing three full albums -“HA!” (2014), “Toyour” (2017) – and an EP ,”Jismal” (2021) .Each album takes listeners deeper in to the world of Arabic melodies, intricate arrangements, and electrifying dance music. With a deep connection to his cultural roots and a relentless commitment to innovation, Hello Psychaleppo is a true force in the world of electronic music.

Sorah and Spoke are Berlin’s burning barricade in the rap game! Their sets are highly explosive, explicitly political and bounce between grime, drill, trap and soul in three languages (EN, FR, DE)! Female MC Sorah gets her energy and flows from the UK, Algeria and France. She raps fire in mad flows, remaining loud against all form of oppression! All this in the best combination together with non-binary beat producer Spoke, with sub-bass-heavy instrumentals that set every show on fire! Ouais ouais ouais! Let’s kick it!

V1V1S3KT1ON (AL.Berlin Crew) is a DJ and selector who initially performed a variety of old-school-infused grooves, ranging from alternative hip hop to dub and worldwide influence music. Over time, their focus shifted to electronic, futuristic, and experimental bassy atmospheres, incorporating distinct rhythms from the global majority. Music organizes their life. By constantly shifting their attention between different niches in sound, they aim to offer diverse and explorative angles in their sets.



/AL\Berlin has been active as a collective since February 2019. During 2019 it produced more than 10 music and art events, providing a stage for more than 28 acts, hosting more than 1800 attendees. It all started with  AL.Festival.2019, produced by /AL\Berlin, funded by Music Board Berlin, a remarkable gathering around representative music of the Arab Spring Revolutions.


The awareness team offers support in case of assaults, sexualized violence and discrimination of any kind! The wishes and needs of the persons who are affected always come first!

If you feel uncomfortable in a situation or you notice something with other people, then please do not hesitate to come directly to us!


We are excited to kick off the 5th edition AL. Festival 2024 soon.Stay tune!

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