In honor of the special milestone “15 Years ALFILM – 15 Years Arab Cinema in Berlin,” AL.Berlin is curating an exceptional event designed to showcase the profound storytelling of ALFILM within Arab cinema while fostering cultural dialogue. This event will present a captivating fusion of artists from the SWANA (Southwest Asia and North Africa) region alongside Berlin-based musicians, blending traditional and contemporary music to echo the resonant themes portrayed in ALFILM’s films. 

Here’s a breakdown of the artists and their contributions to this special event:

Maryam Saleh & Zeid Hamdan (Halawella), are revered as the ‘godfather and godmother’ of the region indie-electro-rock. Their rare collaboration, crafted exclusively for this occasion, ignited the air with a fusion of raw energy and lyrical prowess. Aita Mon Amour, embodied by Widad Mjama (N3RDISTAN) and Khalil EPI, unveiled a contemporary narrative of Morocco’s musical tapestry, weaving ancient melodies into the fabric of modern soundscapes. Etyen & Salwa Jaradat emerged with their distinctive blend of Palestinian roots and electronic beats, bridging tradition with innovation to captivate the audience’s imagination. Checkpoint 303 will bring a different dimension to the stage, their experimental electronic compositions and field recordings from Palestine embodying a spirit of resistance and resilience. Amidst the rhythmic cadence of the night, producer and MC Dakn داكنْ from Ramallah takes centre stage, delivering an immersive performance that challenged societal norms through the power of music. AndL, drawing from his eastern Mediterranean heritage, seamlessly blended cultural influences with electronic elements, creating a harmonious synthesis of past and present. DJ DumTak unveiled the Meshwar Mixtapes, an auditory journey that unfolded Palestine’s beauty and unwavering spirit through the universal language of music and storytelling.

Additionally, the event will feature a unique video mapping by Hala Ghatasheh, creating an immersive visual experience throughout Gretchen, the venue. This curated selection of videos and images will further enhance the evening, complementing the diverse musical performances and celebrating the rich cultural tapestry of Palestine in particular and the SWANA region in general.

Maryam Saleh & Zeid Hamdan (Halawella)

Maryam Saleh & Zeid Hamdan – Halawella

Maryam Saleh and Zeid Hamdan, the duo behind Halawella, draw inspiration from Sheikh Imam and Ahmed Fouad Negm’s groundbreaking work in 1970s political music. Since 2005, Maryam has honored their repertoire with her unique style, bringing powerful vocals and stage presence to Halawella’s performances. Zeid complements her with innovative production techniques, merging tradition with contemporary elements like electronic beats and trip-hop rhythms.


AndL, a Berlin-based musician rooted in eastern Mediterranean traditions, creates impromptu harmonies and rhythms evoking communal music-making. His music blends cultural traditions with modern electronic elements, offering a vibrant celebration of eastern Mediterranean heritage.

Etyen & Salwa Jaradat

Salwa Jaradat, a Palestinian singer, collaborates with Lebanese producer  Etyen in their EP “Galah Waji,” exploring themes of mother-tongue and resistance. Salwa’s migration to Lebanon integrated her into its music scene, while Etyen’s electronica expertise brings a fresh sonic realm to traditional roots.

Checkpoint 303

Checkpoint 303, led by Tunisian producer SC Mocha, uses experimental electronic music and field recordings from Palestine and Arab countries to raise awareness about liberation struggles. Collaborating with Palestinian artists, Checkpoint 303 highlights socio-political realities through immersive soundscapes.

Maryam Saleh & Zeid Hamdan (Halawella)

Aita Mon Amour

Widad Mjama (N3RDISTAN) and Khalil EPI form Aita Mon Amour, a duo inspired by Morocco’s ancient Aita music. Aita, a traditional genre sung by Chikhates, embodies passion and love. Widad and Khalil blend electronic elements with Aita’s soulful essence, celebrating Morocco’s musical heritage and ensuring its preservation for modern audiences.

Dakn داكنْ

Dakn داكنْ is a versatile producer, MC, and music selector challenging norms in the music industry. His captivating and dynamic compositions blend genres seamlessly, reflecting his dedication to artistic evolution and experimentation.

Meshwar Mixtapes              by DJ DumTak

Meshwar Mixtapes hosts collective listening sessions, like “Meshwar To Palestine,” using music, storytelling, and visuals to explore global south cultures. The project amplifies marginalized voices and fosters empathy and understanding, promoting cross-cultural dialogue and solidarity through music and storytelling.

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