August 29, 2021 5:00 pm - 11:00 pm /AL\Cafe/Bar, Skalitzer 114, 10999, Kreuzberg

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Tunisian Late Lunch with Rafram Chadded and DJ Lateef!

Brik, tunisian bastard street food, with andalousian father and turkish grandmother is something everyone steal before dinner or for dinner. trying to get the yolk in one piece.

‘yolkgazma is the act of sucking the yolk directly from the brik’

For the last two years, Rafram Chaddad has been working on Leftovers, a book project investigating how food practices in cities formerly governed by the Ottoman Empire are inter-connected. Unlike any other cookbook, Leftovers is a living archive of eaten, cooked, and narrated food. Leftovers traces the itineraries of local dishes and stories as they circulate between Tunis, Aleppo, Algiers, Athens, Istanbul, Cairo, and Jerusalem. It does so by following techniques and oral histories around the food-making texture of these culturally rich and dynamic cities. Leftovers highlights the mutual influence of different dishes across this region and challenge the rearrangement of food along national lines. Leftovers thus approaches food as a shared experience simultaneously local and transregional. Aside from essays explicitly written for the book, Leftovers includes a compilation of remarkable photographs of food, markets, portraits, and dishes from cities in Europe, Asia, and Africa. Highlighting bustling souks, the people who work in them, and dishes in the natural light of the region, the photographs and stories in Leftovers show how cultures created different foods and recipes and how the civilizations in these regions have made a lasting impression on each other.