September 16, 2021 10:00 pm - September 17, 2021 3:00 am Bulbul Berlin, Skalitzer Strasse 114

a Night of Egyptian Mahraganat Clubbing!

Event Only For Vaccinated or Recovered! You Must Present appropriate Vaccination or Recovery Certificate at the Door!

Amazing Line Up with Visiting Artists From Egypt!

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Online: 17.85 Euro (Ends Wednesday 15th of September at 16:00!!! )
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Door: 20 Euro (very limited number)

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Artists of The Night:



Post-Shaabi from Cairo: A musician obsessed with bass, distortion, and the deconstruction of the Mahraganat aesthetic. 3Phaz is focused on amplifying the raw energy of Mahraganat music and taking it a step further.


Shobra El General

MC Shobra El General is known as the voice of choice for Mahraganat orginators such as Amr 7a7a and Molotof. Currently performing in the French choreography production „Itmahrag“ by Olivier Dubois, Shobra unites all aspects of the Mahraganat subculture in his high energy live shows.


Phil Battiekh

Phil Battiekh is one of the first outside of Egypt to dedicate himself to Mahraganat. A DJ, producer, VJ and concept artist living between Basel and Cairo, Battiekh’s sets and releases present the newest trajectories of Egypt‘s most popular subculture on the cutting-edge of contemporary sounds. On his debut compilation release „Cairo Concepts“, Phil Battiekh collaborates with the likes of DJ Plead, DJ Haram, Alaa Fifty and Nustaliga.



YUNIS is an Egyptian Ney/Keyboard/Electronics player, composer, music researcher and co-founder of Kafr El-Dauwar Records, an independent digital record label interested in contemporary and experimental music from Alexandria. His music seeks inspiration from Egyptian folkloric instrumentation tools, and musical styles: a vision he presents in his first solo album “The Blue Djinn Dance”.


Ibrahim X

Ibrahim X déverse dans l’urgence des sonorités rapinnées dans le répertoire sa’idi qu’il décline en un format minimal et centripète. En ressort une tension rageusement contenue et modulée, qui détonne comme un retour sportif à l’essence du chaabi égyptien. Leur album, « Ya Khal » (Oh Oncle), est le fruit d’un enregistrement expédié en 4 sessions brodées dans l’appartement d’une connaissance, la ville de Kafr El Dawar n’abritant aucun studio prévu à cet effet. Propulsé comme l’une des meilleures sorties 2019 par le Scene Noise Magazine, il offre une plongée à contre-courant du tournant core des mahraganat tout en réhabilitant la figure du nabatchi à coups de mizmar (flûte arabe) synthétique agencés en loops.


Lord Soft

A selector for selectors, harsh but gentle: Basel based DJ Lord Soft amalgates surprise and expectation in his genre- and body-bending soundscapes.


Event Only For Vaccinated or Recovered! You Must Present appropriate Certificate at the Door!


What is Mahraganat?

(from Wiki)

Mahraganat (English: festivals; Egyptian Arabic: مهرجانات‎ [mɑh.ɾɑ.ɡɑˈnɑːt]) or electro mahragan is a genre of Egyptian electronic dance music. Mahraganat is a combination of popular shaabi music played at weddings and electronic dance music. DJ Figo made the genre more well known with his team “set dyaba” released during the 2011 Egyptian Revolution. Although this may be the first ever track to go mainstream, Mahraganat was originally conceived first by DJ Ahmed Figo, El Sadat, Feelo and Alaa Fifty in 2004. They shared their music via MP3 files and phones, and it could be heard playing in taxis, tuktuks and on the street.[1] The first ever Mahragan mix was released by the group of friends in 2006 and it was called “Mahragan Elsalam”, named after their neighbourhood ‘Elsalam’, it talked about friendship and how to be mature.


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