AL.Festival.2021 First Night / 14th of October

Festsaal Kreuzberg, Am Flutgraben 2, 12435 Berlin

October 14, 2021 6:00 pm - October 15, 2021 2:00 am Festsaal Kreuzberg, Am Flutgraben 2, 12435 Berlin

Welcome to AL.Festival.2021 First Night / 14th of October.

Important announcement first:

The concert takes place under the 2G regulation – you can dance without a mask and without any distance! Accordingly, admission only for guests who have been completely vaccinated or who can be proven to have recovered.
Das Konzert findet unter der 2G Regelung statt – es darf ohne Maske und ohne Abstand getanzt werden! Einlass dementsprechend nur für vollständig geimpfte bzw. nachweislich genesene Gäste.


This year AL.Festival.2021 will happen over two separate nights in Festsaal Kreuzberg.
1- First Festival Night: Thursday, 14th of October.
2- Second Festival Night: Tuesday, 2nd of November.
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Artists Of The Night (14th of October):

♦ Neshama (Wael Alkak, Yazan Alqaq, Shadi Abazid)
♦ Jamila & The Other Heroes
♦ Hasan Kai (TootArd)
♦ Dimitra Zina
♦ Edna Martinez
♦ Rasha Hilwi

Date: Thursday, 14th of October.
Doors Open: 18:00
Venue: Festsaal Kreuzberg

Tickets Pricing:
1- Early Birds (Limited Number): 18 Euros
2- Online Ticket: 24 Euros
3- Door Ticket: 30 Euros
4- Festival Two Nights Bundle (Limited Number): 40 Euros

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Early Bird 14th of October AL.Festival.2021 Ticket 18,00

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AL.Festival.2021 Presents you with the contemporary music scene of WANA (West Asia and North Africa) in its unique Berlin Experience. The Festival is a two nights celebration of some of the most artistically revolutionary acts of the region, some of whom have Berlin as a home. This event is the Second Annual Edition of this happening, following AL.Festival.2019, and continues to underline the deeper current changes of recent years, in which Berlin is becoming a home and a base for this scene Artistically, Socially, Culturally and Politically.

Need To Know More About The Artists?


Neshama (Wael Alkak, Yazan Alqaq, Shadi Abazid)
Neshama is a spellbinding contemporary project that performs traditional rhythms in digital versions, combining recordings, visionary musical adaptations and improvisation into live performances based on folkloric styles, traditional rhythms and classical Arabic music.

Hasan Kai
The past year has been one of global darkness and isolation. Where companionship flickers through a screen rather than a human touch. It’s been a time to dive deep, to create and express those feelings bubbling up inside, to discover all the longing and the hope. For Hasan Kai, one half of the band TootArd, the months have brought the inspiration to define his guitar playing and compose the music on the EP Salma Sunshine (Carpet Ride Records). Hasan Kai will perform this new Solo Project in AL.Festival.2021 in addition to more of this instrumental compositions that will be played first time on stage.

Jamila & The Other Heroes
JAMILA & THE OTHER HEROES is a Berlin based band from manywhere that combines psychedelic desert funk with political content. While racist agitation is increasingly becoming acceptable in many circles of our society, the five musicians have made it their mission to break down prejudices towards people with histories of migration and asylum and make the abundance of cultural diversity more visible and audible.

Edna Martinez
Artist, DJ / curator and radio host from the Colombian Caribbean based in Berlin. Her musical selection is linked to her artistic research exploring autobiographical migratory routes. From Afro-Caribbean grooves to jazz bases, tribal polyrhythms, folklore, and beyond, she shakes global dance floors.

Rasha Hilwi
Rasha is a DJ storyteller, an artistic form that combines stories and music. In her work she focuses on the questions surrounding “Home بيت” and “Ghorbah غربة” and their intersection with feminism and identity. And when she brings her music set to the stage, She becomes DJ Hilwi, who believes that dancing is the most beautiful way to travel and feel home at the same time.


See You On The Dance Floor!

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Early Bird 14th of October AL.Festival.2021 Ticket 18,00

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14th of October AL.Festival.2021 Ticket 24,00

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