Jowan Safadi & Rust Live Show AL Berlin Presents IG Square

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AL.Berlin Presents : Jowan Safadi & Rust LIVE Friday 03rd March 2023 in Urban Spree Berlin.

Urban Spree, Berlin.

Fri, 03rd March, 20:00 - 23:00

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Door  25€,
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Jowan Safadi
Rust Duo


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Get To Know The Artists


With a career that began in the late 90s, Jowan’s songs, including “To be an Arab”, “Poor Infidels”, and the protest song “The police is not Our Police”, are considered iconic hits of the alternative Arabic scene. In 2012, he released the album “Namrud”, which helped him break through to the wider Arab world with its socially and politically critical lyrics. In 2019, he released “Stay Away From The EAST and Sing for it”, introducing a new sound of post-punk with walls of guitars and Arabic rhythm instruments. In 2021, he released the electronic album “limad” showcasing an Arabic vision of ambience.


Rust is an innovative duo whose music blends the Arabic heritage of melody and poetry with modern electronic beats.
Combining elements of Arabic music with contemporary production and hypnotic vocals, Rust draws influence from the older generation of musical rebels, aiming to bridge the gap between legacy and modernity.
The Beirut-based project creates captivating soundscapes that combine the beauty of Arabic tunes and the pulsing rhythms of electronic music. The duo is determined to challenge traditional notions of Arab identity and create a sonic expression that is all their own


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