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AL.Berlin brings you the Best Live Shows, with focus on Contemporary Music of West Asia & North Africa.

AL.Berlin Presents: Bedouin Burger / Ko Shin Moon / Cheb Runner / GLITTER55

Gretchen Club, Berlin.

Fri, 14th April, 21:00

Live Shows & Club Night


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Get To Know The Artists


Ko Shin Moon was born in 2017, at a crossroads between traditional Eastern strings andelectronic music machines. After spending four years in India collecting folk instruments, AxelMoon discovered that his old friend Niko Shin had started a recording studio filled with analogsynths and vintage gear. From this private haven, Ko Shin Moon create otherworldly, hybrid melodies where psychedeliameets space disco, and electric bağlama and oud riffs embrace the harmonics of the sitar.


“A dynamic blend of classical Arabic poetry, Egyptian pop, analog synths, acoustic recordings and olddrum machines, Bedouin Burger has married Adib’s Bedouin vibe with Hamdan’s vibrantunderground sound.” ARAB NEWS


GLITTER55 in Gretchen 14th of April 2023

Originally from Rabat (Morocco) and based in Paris, GLITTER55 broadcasts intensely syncopated dj sets, boosted with breakbeats and gqom rhythms. If she often embellishes her performances with a classic chaabi, it is with kicks that she has made a name for herself on the sets of the best French and foreign festivals and clubs (Concrete, Le Sucre, La Machine, FFORMATT , Beursschouwburg, Neubad, 1988…) alongside artists such as TSVI, BAMBOUNOU, SAMAA ABDULHADI, also appearing on Boiler Room or more recently on the Arte Mix O Trabendo format with Joe Goddard and Kiddy Smile.


Cheb Runner in Gretchen 14th April 2023

Producer Cheb Runner (real name Reda Senhaji) is a musical hurricane rooted in Moroccan soil, exploring electronic musical landscapes. Nurtured by both worlds, he represents a new sound of in-betweenness. Using first hand sounds and recordings of his own sample bank based on traditional instruments, he mixes playfully analog with digital effects supported with an unique collection of synthesizes. Cheb Runner started his career on the music scene flirting with different names, collectives and genres the last 10 years. Both as producer, composer and DJ he is merging traditional and contemporary electronic sounds together moving from Moroccan chaabi, spiritual sounds to eclectic disco, techno and gabber. He is resident at Ghana’s Oroko Radio and a familiar face at Brussels finest Kiosk Radio. Cheb Runner is also part of (A)wake foundation and Not Your Techno as well.

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