(CANCELLED) AL.Festival.2023 on 27th of October in Festsaal Kreuzberg

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(CANCELLED) AL.Festival.2023 on 27th of October in Festsaal Kreuzberg

Festsaal Kreuzberg, Berlin.

Fri, 27th Oct, 20:00

Live Shows & Club Night


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Price = 50 Euro
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3- Tote Bag
4- VAT + Handling Fee Included)

2- Ticket Type 2 : Regular Ticket
Price = 35.61 Euro
(32 Euro Ticket + VAT + Handling Fee)

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Confirmed Artists:

Dina Elwedidi | Sofian Saidi | Zenobia | Rust | Ashkara | Adira Party Curated Stage | Radio Alhara Curated Stage … And Much More!

Dina ElWedidi Profile Picture. Dina ElWedidi will be performing live in AL.FESTIVAL.2023 on the 27th of October 2023 in Festsaal Kreuzberg.

Dina ElWedidi

Dina ElWedidi was chosen by Time magazine as one of the ten Next Generation Leaders, in 2019.
Dina’s music is described as “a trip through history, mining Egyptian folk music and Arab poetry,” in the article entitled “How This Egyptian Artist is Drawing from History to Inspire Change for the Future.

Sofiane Saidi will Perform Live in Berlin, in the Frame Work of AL.FESTIVAL.2023 this photo is showing Sofiane in a recent look, with the unmistakable look: Combining SunGlasses, Flowery Shirt, Tanned Face, Low Cut Beard, Abundant Curly Hair, and his unique smile.

Sofiane Saidi

The new project “of the prince of raï 2.O”? Electronic solo! This label that the press has given him makes him laugh. Growing up in Algeria, arriving in Paris 30 years ago, Sofiane Saidi continues to explore new bridges between oriental roots and deeper, more electronic grooves. His brand new project is called Wahdi, “all alone” in Arabic. And promises, live, “a nighttime experience, a subversive exploration, a charge of erotic transgression, the raï soul in an electronic body.”

Zenobia AL Festival 2023 Introduction Image


Zenobia incorporates rhythms and groovy electronic productions along with popular Syrian and Palestinian Dabke and in addition to Egyptian beats and atmosphere.
The group which was formed in Haifa was inspired by Zenobia, the Queen of Palmyra, who lived and ruled the Levant region and Egypt in the third century AD.

Rust Dou, The duo is determined to challenge traditional notions of Arab identity and create a sonic expression that is all their own.<br />
The project started in October 2020 and was co-founded by:<br />
Petra Hawi -Lebanese musician and vocalist.<br />
Hany Manja – Damascus-born musician and electronic music producer.

Rust Duo

Rust is a dynamic duo whose music blends the Arabic heritage of melody and poetry with modern electronic beats.
Combining elements of Arabic music with contemporary production and hypnotic vocals, Rust draws influence from the older generation of musical rebels, aiming to bridge the gap between legacy and modernity.
The Beirut-based project creates captivating soundscapes that combine the beauty of Arabic tunes and the pulsing rhythms of electronic music

ASHKARA, the improvisaƟonal unit of Faraj Hanna, Khaled Yassine and Khaled Omran, is a live music experience that draws from the hypnoƟc roots of tarab and infuses it with<br />
the high energy of dabke.


ASHKARA, the improvisaƟonal unit of Faraj Hanna, Khaled Yassine and Khaled Omran, is a live music experience that draws from the hypnoƟc roots of tarab and infuses it with
the high energy of dabke.
The trio exploded onto the Beirut scene late last year with their electrifying mix of psychedelic shaabi & heavy dance grooves. The rhythm secƟon is held down by Khaled Omran on bass and Khaled Yassine on drums & percussion, while Faraj Hanna soars with his electric buzuk to improvised heights that sƟr the spirit, the heart & the booty.