Sabine Salameh

She / Her
From:- Lebanon
14th October 2022 – Festsaal Kreuzberg

On Stage:- 18:00

​​Sabine is a Lebanese journalist who found in rap a method to express herself away from the censorship of media platforms. She will be performing “التعايش مع البقاء ” “living with Survival” EP funded by AFAC and produced by William Mahfoud. In addition to many of her unreleased songs.


About the EP:

Living with survival is an EP that represents Sabine’s emotional and psychological journey during the time she was living in Beirut city. The EP is an attempt to document nostalgia, depression, dissociation, anger, numbness, the feeling of complete loss and the little spark of hope that was found in the October uprising and lost again in all the traffic and destruction. The music for the album produced by William Mahfoud represents these different emotions through the use of multiple genres, each song taking on a different mood. The last song in the album “dejdej Ta3ta3” was co-produced with Sabine using utensils and appliances from her kitchen.

Sabine Salameh Performing in AL Festival 2022 in Festsaal Kreuzberg by AL Berlin in AL Bazaar Stage Produced by Doon Jothour

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