Ebaa Monther

She / Her
From:- Occupied Syrian Golan Heights
14th October 2022 – Festsaal Kreuzberg

On Stage:- 17:30

An independent actress and musician, she holds a master’s degree in performing arts from the Occupied Syrian Golan.

Ebaa started her theatrical career at the age of 13 at the Oyoun Theater. She presented many plays and films on the Syrian-Palestinian scene such as:-
north nights
Between Heaven and Hell
Salma and Sri

As for the musical journey, it began when She gave voice to Tut Ard band in 2010, and then performed free live shows accompanied by her guitar.

Today’s Ebaa presents us with a popular rap that combines folklore, hip-hop, drill and other genres in an experimental, abstract style.

Ebaa Monther Performing in AL Festival 2022 in Festsaal Kreuzberg by AL Berlin in AL Bazaar Stage Produced by Doon Jothour

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