Rasha Nahas

They / Them
From:- Haifa
14th October 2022 – Festsaal Kreuzberg
Stage:- AL.SAAL

On her upcoming sophomore studio effort,
‘Amrat’ (‘Sometimes’ in Arabic), Palestinian
multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and
composer Rasha Nahas enters new sonic
territory with a bold, candid, two-chapter album. The record features Arabic language lyrics in its entirety, marking Nahas’ first release in her mother tongue as a follow-up to her theatrical-poetic rock debut, ‘Desert’ (2021).
‘Amrat’ is a body of work laden with nostalgia and longing. Structured as two
distinctive chapters of music, the album
conjures a sonic backdrop that is fluid yet
clearly defined. It maneuvers seamlessly
between the thematic duality of urban and
rural landscapes, as well as an aural one – oscillating between contemporary electronica and the rawness of the old-school, singer-songwriter era.

The first chapter of ‘Amrat’ is an anthology of songs inspired by rural scenery. With classical guitars at the core, Nahas’ signature songwriting is enveloped by tender vocalization and a constellation of percussion that journeys across West Asia, North Africa, via Andalusia, and back to Berlin.

Chapter two was born of city streets, immersed in a bittersweet melancholy and the cruel alienation of exile. It was written in Berlin during the pandemic while Nahas cradled a hand injury that forced her to set the guitar aside and compose and electronic music produced
exclusively with synth loops.

Nahas then collaborated with co-producer Shaden Nahra, recording the album at the recently opened 67 Studio in the occupied Golan Heights with contributions by musicians Rami Nakhlee and Rimon Haddad.
As a film and theater score composer, Nahas combines her work in the studio with an eclectic and poetic approach to live performance, which informs her unique appeal as an artist.


AL.FESTIVAL comes back again this year for its 3rd annual edition!
On October 14th, AL.Festival.2022 will transform the immersive space of Festsaal Kreuzberg into an all-day celebration of West Asian and North African contemporary music and art. Three different stages and an outdoor bazaar area will host some of the most innovative musicians, performers, visual artists and designers of the region. Dj sets, solo acts and band performances from emerging and established artists, in a carefully curated lineup that features hip hop, rock, pop and electronic music. AL.FESTIVAL undoubtedly is Berlin’s most prominent music gathering of the contemporary WANA music and art scene.

/AL\Berlin GbR
Skalitzer Str. 114
Remise Im HinterHof
Kreuzberg, Berlin.


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