Wael Alkak Live 2020 Album Image

Wael Alkak Live 2020 Album Image

ALKAK LIVE 2020© Composed and Produced by Wael Alkak – Paris

1- Mawal Sabawai: is the first acoustic track of the album and performed on Bouzouk, inspired by the old popular poetry that comes in 7 verses from Damascus and beyond.

2- Tayartn Belsama I & II : A popular love song from Swida in south Syria (Horan’s Mountain)

3- The Live is produced into 4 tracks : Taqssem/Intro, Electro/Jobi, Electro/Chaabi and Outro.

Illustration: Muhammad Jabali, Design: Krishan Rajapakshe AL. Berlin

Mastering: Amadis Dunkel – New York