Taxi Kebab

They / Them
From:- Paris (Morocco France)
14th October 2022 – Festsaal Kreuzberg
Open Doors: 16:00++
Stage:- AL.KAMIN

On Stage:- 01:00 (15th October)

At the crossroads of influences coming from all sides, Taxi Kebab is the collision between synthesizers, drum machines, modulated guitars and amplified buzuq.
In a re-appropriation of her father’s language, it’s through a liberating poetic register that Leïla Jiqqir (buzuq, guitar, voice) interferes with the acid arpeggios and rippling layers led by Romain Henry’s experiments with machines.
Mainly electronic, the music of the french-moroccan duo is sometimes close to krautrock, psyche, or techno influences, haunted by the specter of North African roots. Revealing some disordered identities fragments, their music is a night ride, through roads and landscapes into a
rough, psyche sound, disoriented and « disoriental ».
After their 1st single Lmchi w Rjou3 (May 2019) and 3 years of tour (FR&Europe), the duo released its 2nd single Ttabla (Nowadays Records) in September 2021.
Their first EP Visions al 2ard will be released in spring 2022, preceded by two singles on Real World X.


About the members:
Romain Henry is a freelance dancer, choreographer and DJ.
Romain Henry is a self-taught artist who lives and works in Nancy. He developed various artistic projects for several years, both in the choreographic and musical fields. Passionate about the sound of machines, body movement, hybridization and improvisation, he founded the “Virgule Flottante” Cie with which he created several collaborative choreographic projects as well as various performances and educational interventions.
Among his collaborations, his first sound explorations took place within the electro duo “The Waters”. He’s a part of the band Ippon and the Taxi Kebab duo, created with Leïla Jiqqir in 2017.
At the same time, he roams the nightlife in DJ sets.
Leïla Jiqqir is a visual artist, video maker, film curator in the the collective Noss-Noss ( and DJ (Chebba Leïla). ( Her work develops around several mediums and
explores the meanders of identity and its pluralities.
In 2018 she founded the festival Locomotion, an experimental video & photography festival in Nancy (Fr) within 3 photographers including the moroccan artist Nabila Halim with who she forms the “visual art & food” collective Noss-Noss, which is focused on visual artists & filmmakers from the MENA region, the African continent and their diasporas through a decolonial and intersectional approach.

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